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Catherine Chua

Catherine Chua

When did you joined MT?

Time flies and this is my fourth year with Media Track. My previous employer used to rent an office space at level 3 of our current lovely heritage shophouse at Petain Road. There must be some affinity for me with this place, considering how I have ended up working in the same physical office for close to 7 years. I have had the honour of seeing how Media Track has evolved and grown through the years.

What is your current role?

I am the office manager of Media Track, which is probably self-explanatory of what my role entails. On the fun side I try my best to ensure our office has a cosy enough vibe to match its hipster exterior as well as at times be a “mother hen” to the team! ?

What have you been up to during this Pandemic?

While 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, I am grateful for being able to continue in my current role without any disruptions during this period and still be able to partake in a little self-growth by pursuing a course in UI/UX design. I have always been interested in designing and the pandemic provided one of the best opportunities as most of the classes were conducted online! (This is very important for busy working mothers like me!)

In addition, our team’s current 50% WFH and 50% work-from-office schedule, has allowed me to replace my commute time (during WFH days) to embark on a new health goal of exercising at least 3 times a week! WFH days also resulted in more precious time with the kids when they are back from school in the afternoons as well.

While there have been many negatives to the current pandemic, I have found that it has been much easier to get through each day by choosing to focus on the little positives and pockets of happy moments we experience each day.

What it the best thing about working at Media Track?

Media Track has a cosy office with awesome vibes, away from the CBD area, and there are plenty of hipster cafes around the area. ?

But on a more serious note, my colleagues are some of the most wonderful people to work with. At the same time, my role as office manager provides me with the opportunity to learn various aspects of the business.

More importantly, Media Track’s work culture is family friendly which provides me an optimal work-life balance, with the occasional flexibility while managing my 4 kids who are at different life-stages. I am very appreciative of being able to grow with Media Track and being able to juggle the many other roles I have in life as a woman.

I know it has been a good day when…

I get to see an Eagle (my spirit animal) soaring high up in the sky : )

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