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Micha Sommer

Micha Sommer

What is your current role?

I joined Media Track as an analyst but is now working as a Business Development Manager, yet still partially assisting the analysis department. In general, I am proud of having the opportunity to be a significant player in contributing to the growth of Media Track.

Describe your average day at Media Track?

My average day is far from average or standardized. One of the things I like the most about working for Media Track is the diversity in projects and the flexibility to manage (almost) every project in collaboration with my team. Currently, I am working on many interesting projects covering everything from the development of marketing strategies, managing clients, identifying new opportunities, working on growth strategies, and the latest, the launch of our new product.

The key objective is to make sure that we deliver what is promised, to the right people, at the right time, which includes focusing on CRM, innovation, optimization and effectualization of current processes and delivering high-quality results.

What inspired you to take the transfer to another country?

I came to Singapore because of my lust for adventures and a life-long dream of living abroad. The beginning of my journey was rough since I had to adapt to a new culture, climate and start a whole new life 12.000 kilometers away from home – and on top of that during a pandemic. This means that I started working for Media Track from the quarantine hotel (in Singapore you are required to service 14 days of quarantine when entering the country) receiving the onboarding introduction from Skype and working the first couple of months without being able to meet my new colleagues. Once I finally adapted to it, a new chapter began, where working from home most of the time and communicating via Google Meet turned into everyday life. However, being a Planner by heart, this experience has definitely taught me that not everything can be planned and that there is always a reason to chase your dreams – no matter how unreachable they might seem.

Education and experience

I have a Master of Science in Integrated Food Studies (daily speaking: Food Engineer), an academic course in Sales Marketing and Business Development from CPH Business, and a course in Management and Leadership.

Before moving to Singapore, I worked as a Team Lead at Coop DK as well as Nordic Logistic Forum Member and Instructor representing Denmark among the Scandinavian countries.

I know it has been a good day when…?

Goals are reached, all clients are happy, and when I get to work from the office together with my colleagues, who are always a motivation. If I can finish the day accompanied by friends, at a restaurant with my partner or by playing a game of tennis, the day will be well-complete! ?

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