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Camilla Larsen

Camilla Larsen

Name & Title

Camilla Sejr Larsen, Team Leader

When have you joined MT and what is your current role?

I joined Mediatrack in October 2014 as an analyst. After 3 years, I started working as team leader.

Describe your average day at Media Track?

My typical day is very diverse which is something I really appreciate. Our success criteria number one is to complete our daily tasks before the deadline. News flow and workload are different every day hence we need to work as a team. “Nobody is finished unless we are all finished.” This creates a dynamic and team-oriented workplace in which I thrive. Apart from doing analysis, my work also consists of implementing new customers, optimizing customer satisfaction, price setting and training new analysts.

I enjoy working with all our fantastic teams here in Mediatrack. Be it in Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines or Denmark we all contribute towards the common goal – customer satisfaction. I am so much looking forward to being able to physically meet again in our office as well as socializing after work hours when covid-19 allows us to do so.

What inspired you to take the transfer to another country?

I have always loved meeting people with a different outlook and perspective than my own. Since the mid 90s I have always said yes when an opportunity to work outside Denmark arose which has brought me to London, Edinburgh, Ivory Coast, Thailand and now Singapore for the last 15 years. Being based in Singapore has also made it possible for me to go and experience this fascinating region of our world.

I know it’s been a good day when…?

We have delivered a great product within the deadline and all in the team have had a good laugh doing it.

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