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Media Track Pte. Ltd. is an International Media Monitoring Outsourcing Hub that specializes in the Conversion of Printed Media Contents into Structured and Searchable Text Files.

dots Our Story

In 2009, Media Track Pte. Ltd. was formed by two entrepreneurs with the vision and passion of providing the best service to the media monitoring industry. Emerged from the same industry, they believed that it has more to grow to reach its fullest potential.

Media Track Pte. Ltd. is now an International media monitoring outsourcing Hub that specializes in the conversion of printed media contents into structured and searchable text files.

We have established multiple operational facilities strategically located in Europe and across Asia with headquarter in Singapore.  Operational facilities are located in Copenhagen, Denmark; Bangkok, Thailand; Manila and Cebu, Philippines. We Take advantage of the time difference and deliver a sharper product early in the morning.

Welcome to Media Track! This website is part of our commitment to provide quality service, open communications, and valuable information to all business partners, clients, and prospective customers.

I am extremely proud of what Media Track has achieved as I look at its growth over the years since its inception in 2009. But, I am even more excited about the company’s outlook for an equally promising future. We have transitioned successfully from a media monitoring start-up company to becoming a respected media conversion firm, and along the way, earning our clients’ trust. Thank you for being a part of our success and for your trust in our services.

We measure our performance based on the hallmark of customer satisfaction by which we offer our clients the highest standards of quality. It is satisfying to know that we adhere to such expectations and in turn, able to help our clients provide excellent product to their end users, this improve their business more economically and efficiently.

Our Philosophy: In particular for media conversion, papers should be zoned by location, tagged with corresponding keywords and converted automatically. This is not only to save cost, but also to avoid errors related to human involvement during the conversion process. Therefore, we have spent enormous resources building our own solutions using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology, which enables us to be the most precise, reliable and cost efficient print media digitization provider today.

Despite today’s continually evolving marketplace, clients are well-informed than ever about media conversion, management, and analysis options. Even then, many continue to select Media Track as their partner because of our expertise, commitment to quality, and experience.

As we continue to grow, we are improving the past, pursuing new opportunities, and grabbing the chance to work together with other businesses each new day. We use these elements to promise our clients that we want to build in-depth relationships with them by learning their goals, challenges and environments, so that we can offer concrete and sincere solutions. We want to continually deliver value by managing our business around the changing needs of our clients because value is what the world demands.

Thank you for visiting us!

Steffen Egelund
CEO, Media Track

dots What we do

The cornerstone in our product portfolio is Conversion of Newspapers, Magazines, Articles and other printed media contents. We process PDF Files, Physical Papers and Microfilmed Documents.

We also provide related services, such as Media Management and Media Analysis. At Media Track, we have a team of highly trained experts who deliver exceptional media analysis through the use of fantastic work ethics and innovative work flow patterns. Our first rate media analysts Manually Select Articles, Rate Articles, Send SMS Alerts, Translate Media Contents, Manually Write Summaries and Monitor Radio & TV Media.

Whether you are a media monitoring firm or media owner, we have state of the art conversion solutions for you. Our Technical Team is dedicated to consistently upgrade technical solutions embedding Several Quality Control Layers to eliminate errors in the production cycle; making it possible to deliver media services with the Fastest Turnaround Time, enabling you to deliver earlier to your clients.

Currently, we are converting 350,000 PDF Files Monthly; an equivalent of 1.4 Million Text Files Monthly, with an average of 46,500 Text Files Daily. Our Team is Operational 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year, hence; we can Accommodate You Anytime of the Day or Night.

Our monitoring process is followed by the latest use of technology, rigorous research, coding and analysis to acquire relevant information. This makes us capable of delivering a State of the Art Product at a Competitive Price.

We are happy to provide these services to the media monitoring and related industries such as Media Monitoring Companies, Media Owners, Libraries, Universities, Newspaper and Book Publishers, Department of Archives and Public Records, Historical Societies, Department of Tourism and State Development and other related institutions.

Our Technical Architecture is specifically designed to ensure the efficiency of our production. We have developed a proprietary conversion system, which converts your content automatically without the typical correction problems caused by dictionaries and other auto-correction tools.

To ensure that our conversion system works properly, we follow a few guidelines that are of great value to us. Implementing such procedures is vital to secure a resource, improve the functions of the system & ensure stable delivery. Our data remains highly secured with our state of the art electronic surveillance.

  • Conversion is done in Amazon’s AWS cloud
  • Receival and delivery is done in the cloud
  • Physically distributed work force and multiple ISPs ensure no internet downtime
  • Every single XML goes through automated DTD adherence control

dots Why Us

Fastest Delivery of Media Services, enabling you to Deliver Earlier to your clients.

Support and Manage Multiple Languages.

Capacity to deliver a State of the Art Product at a Competitive Price.

Multiple Operational Facilities strategically located in Europe and across Asia.

Operational 24/7; hence we can accommodate you Anytime of the Day or Night.

Support System in Place where a Single Person will be Allocated as Point of Contact.

Incoming and Outgoing Files are Managed and Publisher is Contacted in case of missing files.

Several Quality Control Layers in place to Eliminate Critical Errors that you may face in your current production cycle.

99.9% Dependable as Operation is Decentralized to Avoid Downtime.

Headquartered in Asia, Taking Advantage of the Time Difference enables the Delivery of a Sharper Product Earlier in the Morning.

Emerged from the Media Industry, that’s why we Fully Know and Understand the demands and critical issues included in the production cycle.

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dots We are Committed to You

You are Important to Us, hence we make the necessary effort to ensure that we meet your demands and needs. We offer Reliable and High Quality Services consistently in order to retain the trust and relationship we have established with our clients. We offer a support system where a single person is allocated as a point of contact.

We are proud to be Benchmarked Against One of the Leading Provider of PDF File Conversions and Found to Have 300% Less Errors/Page on Average.

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